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JaJaJad Shop offers a wide variety of services: Followers & Likes Instagram, Youtube Views, Spotify & TikTok are also present in our catalogue. If you are planning to make a large purchase or if you want to make a customised service, please contact us!

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Boost your views/plays

Buying Spotify tunes helps your account grow in popularity. By increasing your visibility on social networks, you’ll stand out from the competition and gain popularity and reputation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

Unlike our competitors, we do not use automated systems, robots or fake profiles.
We simply ask the influencers in our catalog that we choose to promote your account as if it were a promotional campaign, or the recommendation of a friend in a post.

If I'm not satisfied, can I ask for a refund?

Yes, if for technical reasons we are unable to provide the purchased followers, or if they are not real, please let us know HERE and we will refund you.

Is the payment secure?

The payment on is perfectly secure. All the data that you communicate to us during your payment are protected and encrypted by the SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) protocol. We do not have access to your bank details under any circumstances, they are transferred in an encrypted and secure way to our payment provider Paypal. Moreover, you have the buyer’s guarantee if you order with “Paypal”.

Can my account be banned?

No, our procedure does not put your account at risk. Due to the high percentage of popular pages and personalities who buy subscribers, Instagram for example cannot afford to delete all accounts for this. If Instagram notices a sudden influx of followers, they sometimes simply delete new subscribers, leaving your account intact. It is possible to easily avoid the removal of subscribers by dispatching mailings over several days so that you receive them gradually. You don’t risk anything by buying our services because the methods used are 100% organic. The services are generally sent progressively for maximum credibility!

Is this confidential?

Yes, under no circumstances do we share your purchase and information with others. At we present a 100% professional service dedicated to making the process as easy and transparent as possible. When you buy from us, your privacy is fully protected and our subscribers will not get more access to your account than you allow. They will not be able to see your personal information and no one at will ask you for your account details. Privacy is very important to us.

How long does it take for my order to start?

Immediately! As soon as your payment is processed, our team will be informed. We will start promoting your account on our network to get your Followers/Likes/Vues . The processing time is usually 12H, but can take several days or weeks depending on the number of requests.

Do I need to provide you with my password

No, we suggest that you never give your password to any department. We simply publish your account on our network so that you start receiving Followers/Likes/Vues. Once you have reached the desired goal, we will no longer advertise your account.

What if I lose Followers/Likes/Vues?

Don’t worry, it can happen. Our automatic system fills Followers/Likes/Views step by step, in case you don’t receive a replacement, you can contact the support team.

Why choose Jajajad shop?

jajajad has many years of experience in social marketing, our great team is here to help you grow your account on social networks. Since our beginnings in 2018, we are currently a South American marketing expert and work with several well-known companies whose name, discretion and confidentiality is an integral part of our policy. We have years of experience and over a thousand satisfied customers! If you are looking for professional and guaranteed services, you have come to the right place!

Are the people who listen to my music on Spotify real?

Yes, we work hard to find real, active Spotify users who can listen to your sound. We do not encourage users to listen to our customers’ sounds, nor do we use software, click farms, scripts or any other illegitimate marketing methods.

Can you provide more than the maximum number of plays listed on the site for Spotify?

Yes, if you need a larger order than what is offered, simply send us an e-mail for a custom quote. Our team will respond to you shortly with a competitive offer. We work with many major companies and celebrities to help them develop a strong presence on social networks.

Could this exclude me from Spotify?

No. Buying taps won’t banish you from Spotify and we’ve never had a customer with this kind of problem with our service. We’ll simply help make your account and its content more popular, without risk.

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