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Our agency puts you in direct contact with brands, companies and advertisers looking for influencers to enhance the value of their goods and services.

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Enter the Jajajad database to become a recognized influencer. We make your life easier. We put you in contact with brands looking for influencers for a communication campaign. Promote and highlight the brands’ products in your posts. Whether you develop your community on Instagram, facebook, Snapchat or on a blog: we will know how to adapt the requests to your offer. Make your passion your job. Whether it’s a salary supplement or a full salary, nothing is more satisfying than living your passion. Lifestyle, cooking, sport or beauty?

How to become an influencer?

It’s very simple!

To get started and become an influencer of tomorrow, the steps to follow are simple. Jajajad Agency provides you with a registration and information form. All you have to do is follow the next steps and you will soon receive your first requests for collaboration.


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Connecting advertisers and influencers

We put you in direct contact with companies looking for influencers to enhance the value of their products.
Thus, we can offer you the following choices:

► Requests for sponsored posts / ► Requests for product placements / ► Ambassador searches

► Organisation of meet-ups at brand events / ► Organisation of business trips
► Invitations to product launches or inaugurations

Make your subscribers or followers benefit from exceptional promotion codes thanks to your collaborations with major brands. Promote a brand’s products or services to your subscribers to reach a local or international target.

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